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Tint over chrome process.


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The finish of the future is no longer bound by hue and gloss. Our G-Coat tint over chrome process:

  • Provides the gift of choice to the designer, enabling almost any color
  • Opens a vast collection of finish options
  • Increases fingerprint resistance
  • Offers enhanced corrosion protection



Black chrome - a true black finish


Black Chrome

G-Coat provides a high-optical density black finish not achievable with other technologies.



G-Coat™G-Coat Benefits

G-Coat dramatically improves paint adhesion to chrome, providing almost any chrome color, inside and out. The end result: a distinct, colored metallic surface with an infinite color palette, available for interior and exterior applications. G-Coat meets multiple OEM performance standards for basecoat and clear coat paint systems.


Color palette

G-Coat Benefits


Bronze-copper palette

G-Coat Benefits

Earthtone palette

G-Coat Benefits

Black chrome palette

G-Coat Benefits