Innovation Approach

Moving to the forefront of innovation

SRG Global® finds solutions and the unstated needs of both our customers and society to create value in the competitive global marketplace. Our team anticipates solutions that emerge from the forces affecting society, cultures, businesses, and individuals. We strive for zero defects, zero waste and zero accidents.
This is just one way in which we create value for stakeholders. The Integrille™ active grille system is an example of how we think creatively to give our decorative products added functionality. ChoicePlate™ selective plating and G-Coat™ paint adhesion show how we continually look ahead to present new choices for our customers.




SRG Global is organized for agility


We don’t shy away from change, we embrace it. Creative destruction is our aim- to enhance the consumer experience by embedding functionality, cutting-edge technology, into our products.

Our innovation process is dynamic and iterative, designed to analyze ideas quickly to assess their technical application, commercial feasibility and relevance.

With numerous projects in our stage-gate pipeline, we are building momentum in our endeavor to become a functional systems supplier.



Our innovation pillars


Our way of driving creativity, technology and the requirements of society into tangible product and process developments. Everything in our stage-gate process draws from these five pillars, gathered from insight into global megatrends and the world of the future.

Innovation Pillars



Our Innovation Center

Launched at the beginning of this year, our Innovation Center fosters the creativity of our team, with spaces for prototyping, testing and scale-up experimentation, as well as an area deisgned to facilitate and inspire co-innovation. It is one of two buildings that form our Research and Development Center in Taylor, Michigan, using full-scale plating, molding, and lab capabilities,to bring the ideation and concept development to fruition through product development and full-scale validation.