Process Innovation

A story of people and places

The story of process innovation at SRG Global® is one of continually bringing forward new processes that will give our customers advantages in competitive market segments.

It is also a story of people and places.

Around the world, the teams of SRG Global are enhancing manufacturing processes and accelerating development and delivery of the next generation of materials and coating technologies.



A global advanced development process


In the three regions of the world where SRG Global produces products, employees lead the drive for perfection through our global advanced development process.

By enhancing manufacturing processes and accelerating the development and delivery of next- generation materials and coating technologies, SRG Global will ensure that the products of its customers everywhere lead in each region.



Innovation Center: Taylor, Michigan, USA


In operation since 2010, this unique state-of-the-art testing facility is exclusively dedicated to research and innovation in product and process. The next advances in materials, injection molding, plating processes and manufacturing are the agenda for the SRG Global team in Taylor. From lab to life, from material to process, they strive to discover and develop the unfound finish, the newest plating technology, and coatings to lead down the road to green.


  • Testing capabilities, thermal chamber and Xenon test chambers​

  • Co-innovation space​

  • Radar transmission measurement system  (measures 1-way loss in dB)​

  • Clean room for paint line and PVD​

  • Full-scale PVD lab with 4 spindles for multiple recipe flexibility​

  • 600 mm PVD coating height ​

  • Lab-scale paint line with dry filter spray booth, automation, enclosed flash tunnels, IR and UV ovens ​

  • Warehouse



Liria, Spain


A dedicated team and space in Liria supports material innovation with CAD/CAM EDM, CNC, and laser welding. They conduct mold changes and process experimentation through tooling projects, adjustments and development to optimize product launch and reduce project lead time.


  • CNC
  • EDM
  • Laser welding
  • 3D scanner



Suzhou, China


Team members in Suzhou, China coordinate injection molding, assembly processes, and dimensional conformance to reduce development time while assuring world class execution. They assist material innovations through trial support, tool projects and adjustment, and process innovation with assembly dimensional verification.


  • Injection molding
  • Dimensional development and analysis