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And this is what we do

And this is what we do

February 28, 2011

SRG Global™ associates around the world watched with pride during Super Bowl XLV as Chrysler wowed viewers with its powerful "Imported from Detroit" TV commercial. The unique, two-minute spot featured the new Chrysler 200 being driven around Detroit by pop star, Eminem.

Strong. Compelling. Moving. Absolutely.

But what moved us, in particular, were the close-up shots of SRG Global components: the beautiful grille, the new Chrysler winged emblem, and the "200" numbering.

To some of us, it was like watching videos of our kids taking their first steps. Yep, we're that proud.

Congratulations to our customer Chrysler for producing such an inspiring commercial and stylish vehicle. And kudos to the crews at SRG Global's Covington, Evansville, Farmington, Morehead, and Suzhou plants, where the Chrysler 200 components are produced:

  • Covington: Sill/Rocker Molding, Pillar Appliques
  • Evansville: Grille Assembly
  • Farmington: Decklid Applique, Fascia Applique, Hood Molding, Emblem/Badge Acrylics
  • Morehead: Roof Ditch Molding
  • Suzhou: Fog Lamp Bezels/Covers, Grille Bar/Strip, Nameplates/Lettering, Emblem/Badge Wing


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