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SRG Global™ Redefines Active Grille Technology

SRG Global™ Redefines Active Grille Technology

Integrille™ active grille shutter system combines decorative grille features with fuel efficiency attributes, extending functionality Beyond the finish™

Warren, Mich., August 11, 2015

SRG Global™, a Guardian company, an engineering and manufacturing leader of high value coatings on plastics, subsystems and automotive grilles, has developed Integrille™. The system combines finish capability technology with efficient aerodynamic functionality---all solely integrated into the grille.

“The goal is to integrate the functional efficiency and performance our customers are looking for in an active grille shutter, without losing the key decorative aspect of the grille,” said Dave Prater, President and CEO of SRG Global. “Our more than 30-years of experience in grilles and their attachments well positioned us to take existing technology to the next level, which is especially appreciated by consumers’ pocketbooks.”

Integrille™ is available in both fully integrated and semi-integrated versions, with an estimated 20% weight reduction and 30% improvement of aerodynamic performance compared to nonintegrated systems. Additionally, the innovative manufacturing cell concept created for its assembly provides the production flexibility automakers are looking for globally. In the end, this technology will provide drivers improved gas mileage and the high end technology they are seeking. SRG Global estimates that by 2020, around 18% of the global market will have these types of systems.

About SRG Global™

SRG Global™, a Guardian company, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high value coatings on plastic for the automotive, commercial truck and consumer goods industries with a manufacturing presence in major world regions including North America, Western and Central Europe and Asia. SRG Global is headquartered near Detroit, Michigan. Through its Advanced Development Centers in Taylor MI, USA; Liria, Spain; and Suzhou, China, SRG Global works to enhance manufacturing processes and accelerates development and delivery of the next generation of materials, coating technologies and sub-systems. SRG Global engineers solutions globally for greater surface durability, structural integrity, enhanced functionality, vehicle efficiency and optimal design flexibility. The result is the development of innovative exterior and interior products and processes that create value for our customers and consumers, and create a positive impact in our environment and society. Beyond the finish™.

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