Social Stewardship

Believe in People

We’re proud of our focus on social stewardship at SRG Global. We believe that every person is born with unique gifts, strengths, and potential that should be celebrated. Our deep appreciation for the dignity and rights of each individual is at the heart of social stewardship, as well as our bottom-up approach to helping people improve their lives. This is exemplified by our commitment to health and safety, rewarding careers, philanthropy, and community outreach. All of this empowers our employees to develop, contribute, self-actualize and create value for others – while supporting the communities in which we live and work. Each individual is encouraged to unleash their unique talents and achieve their full potential, where they can have the most impact for themselves, for the company, and the community.

Community Involvement & Philanthropy

Through business and our philanthropic initiatives, we strive for results that lead to mutual benefit. We provide employee engagement opportunities that foster relationships, create meaningful experiences, and enable actions to make a positive difference in our communities. Our focus is uplifting communities by:

  • supporting vulnerable youth education
  • aiding victims of violence
  • improving food security.

A few examples of our actions around the world:


Building brighter futures

Our site in Bolesławiec, Poland has made charitable contributions to the St. Joseph's Children's Home, an organization that provides social work and education for children in need. Through these contributions, we are able to support the organization's mission of helping children in need and providing them with the resources and opportunities they need to thrive.

Securing neighbor’s safety

For over seven years, Guardian Industries is proud to volunteer with and present charitable contributions to HAVEN, a nationally recognized nonprofit leader offering comprehensive services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Fighting food insecurity

Based in Detroit, Forgotten Harvest is an organization dedicated to fighting food insecurity by rescuing food and operating a private farm. In September 2023, Guardian employees volunteered again at the farm, helping to gather crops. Together, they harvested the equivalent of more than 15.000 meals.

Health & Safety

The safety and well-being of our employees and communities is our first priority. We build capability through our employees and resilience in our systems to prevent serious outcomes when the unexpected happens.

We strive for a principle-based, bottom-up approach to safety, involving front-line employees and supervisors in the identification of hazards and implementation of solutions all around the world.

For example, our initiative on the Control of Hazardous Energies focuses on teaching our employees to recognize hazards in the workplace, encourages them to report and address risks, while prioritizing elimination and management/mitigation of critical risks.  We believe this creates a safer work environment, where employees are respected and empowered to drive innovation and transformation.

Our site in Lliria, Spain, has trained over 250 employees on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and/or Heimlich maneuver to be able to respond to situations not only at the site but also within the community.

Our commitment to individual growth and well-being is also exemplified by our Global Employee Assistance Program – available to all our employees and their families at no cost. This offers professional and confidential counseling, with further resources to help employees manage their lives outside of work.

Employee Experience

As a truly global company, we celebrate individuality. Bringing together different perspectives enables us to identify opportunities, solve complex challenges, create greater value for others and share the benefits.

This is why we see a supervisor’s primary role as supporting employee development by designing roles that fit the employee – and we place great emphasis on coaching and mentoring to help our people thrive. We also seek out and value their knowledge and ideas, remove barriers to participation and encourage role changes to realize potential.

SRG Global also supports second chance hiring, the practice of hiring individuals with a criminal record. Treating people as individuals and looking beyond their past – focusing instead on a person’s motivations and potential – can change lives. It can also lead to mutually beneficial outcomes for SRG Global and Koch companies by allowing hiring managers to tap into a significant source of talent.