Our Stewardship Vision


A strong belief in Stewardship

At SRG Global we help improve lives by providing automotive, mobility and commercial truck products and services people value more highly than their alternatives. We experiment and innovate to responsibly create more value while consuming fewer resources. As a Koch company, our commitment is articulated in our Stewardship Framework and Vision.

We always put safety first and ensure that we act with proper regard for the rights of others, drive environmental excellence and comply with all laws and regulations. We also believe in people and seek a system of equal rights and mutual benefit, where individuals succeed by helping others succeed and where people are empowered to improve their lives and their communities. 

Stewardship is not a new priority for SRG Global and is embedded in our company culture. Our approach to stewardship focuses on action rather than simply communicating aspirations – what we can do today to help create a better tomorrow. To learn more about how SRG Global and our sister companies approach these actions, visit the Koch Newsroom.

Guided by this Vision, we work with our customers, employees, suppliers, and other key partners to find ways to meet their unmet needs, grow our business, and help drive the success of the communities we operate in.