Why SRG Global
Zbigniew Szrejber

“On and off the field, hearing every perspective is important to building a strong team.”


— Zbigniew Szrejber, making his mark early as a Quality Senior Engineer, Boleslawiec, Poland


I have never taken the easy way. If there is a fork in the road, I take both paths. Currently, I travel an hour a day to train with a professional American football team in Wroclaw. Then I lead a quality team at work, return home to my family and finally, I train a little more. Earlier in life there was a choice I was forced to make, between pursuing soccer and attending university. With no way to do both, I chose university, knowing I had to make the most of my decision.

While there, I was introduced to my true passions: American football and engineering. Automotive was presented as the pinnacle of achievement for an engineer, so I worked hard and won a spot in an OEM’s junior engineering program. That pursuit of excellence went beyond the classroom to my career and to football, helping my team win the European Championship. To this day, you will find me on 6 AM runs or lifting late at night, as I train to help represent Poland in the World Games. Now I am even more driven, fueled by the people I am working for: my wife, my parents, and my two teams.

On and off the field, I find that hearing every perspective is important to finding the best solution and building a strong team. This free and constant exchange of ideas is a part of everything we do here at SRG Global. I see our teams tackling many changes and challenges because we commit to executing solutions that we develop together. I set high goals for myself, and being empowered to make these decisions makes each day fresh and invigorating. My top goal is quite lofty: to bring the drive and cooperation of a championship football team to the plant floor.