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Your Challenges, Our Inspiration

Innovation is a relentless pursuit at SRG Global. Our scientists and engineers work in concert to develop the next breakthrough technologies in high-value plastics coatings and processes. 

Research in a Real-World Setting

At the cornerstone of this inherent drive for innovation is our Advanced Development Center (ADC) in Taylor, Michigan. This 46,000-sq-ft facility is home to a wet lab, chrome plating line and several injection molding machines for conducting advanced research in a real-world setting. The dedicated process speeds product development, testing and time to market. The ADC also produces custom, limited parts for concept vehicles and industrial prototypes.

Faster to Concept, Faster to Market

OEM designers in consumer-driven markets like the automotive and household appliance industries benefit from partnering with SRG. We create innovative finishes that allow increased flexibility in the design and development stages. When time is of the essence, faster to concept means faster to market … for a competitive edge.

Innovative Products and Processes

SRG invests in both product and process innovations, including alternative finishes, trivalent chemistry, custom automotive grille technology, advanced tooling concepts, and process quality improvements for less waste and higher yields. Dedicated resources and aggressive R&D programs keep SRG and our customers on the leading edge of technology.


Our Most Recent Innovations:


This process dramatically improves paint adhesion to chrome and delivers unlimited custom color options for any chrome plated plastic part. G-Coat meets all OEM performance standards for basecoat and clear-coat paint systems.

Fingerprint-free chrome

Some of our newest chrome finishes are virtually fingerprint-free and ideal for decorative applications on household appliances and on interior/exterior automotive trim.

High-gloss mold in color

Advanced processes for creating a high-gloss shine on mold-in-color parts are used for automotive grilles and appliances.

Active Grille System

Our patent-pending design features a louver system integrated into the grille to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.