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Always Ahead of the Curve

Imagination knows no bounds. Neither do we. SRG Global’s relentless pursuit for unique plastics coating technology and advanced manufacturing processes has made us one of the leading suppliers in the automotive, commercial trucking and household appliance industries. It has also opened doors and created opportunities for us to share our expertise with emerging industries that seek effective, cost-efficient solutions for a competitive edge.

At our core, we are applications-driven problem solvers. Inspired by our customers’ challenges, we are obsessed with being the first to bring them that next, "big" innovation. Our global customers rely on our exclusive mix of custom engineered products, advanced manufacturing capabilities, "future-now" product development, and process optimization to keep them ahead of the curve.

  • Form, paint and chrome plate virtually any plastic part, regardless of its shape or size
  • Seamlessly integrate multiple parts into finished assemblies ready for installation
  • Go from concept to prototype to full production, all with one global partner
  • Optimize product performance and process efficiencies
  • Distinguish your brand for a competitive advantage

At SRG Global, we’re not just making parts. We’re developing the leading-edge technology that sets our customers apart.