Creating value in all we do

SRG Global™ aims to create value for customers and society in all we do. We act with integrity, ethics, and strive for "10,000% compliance" - 100% of our employees in compliance 100% of the time with all applicable laws and regulations.
To this aim, SRG Global focuses on four areas of sustainability - Economic, Talent, Community, and Operations.



Operational excellence

SRG Global is taking steps today to ensure we have a positive impact on the communities we affect worldwide and to pursue operational excellence through our environmental, health and safety activities.


“Guardian employees are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work place, striving for zero injuries, and operating in a manner that is environmentally and socially responsible, using resources more efficiently to create value for our customers, the company, and society. We continuously improve EH&S performance through strong leadership and participation at all levels in the organization.”


– Guardian Industries Environmental, Health & Safety Vision


Compliance and Ethics- Helpline and Code of Conduct


As a Guardian company, doing more with less is in everything we do. See how SRG Global, driven by the passion of our people, is translating these principles of sustainability into tangible action through activities with impact.



Leading on the road to green


We seek to create value for customers and consumers through our products and actions. We constantly innovate to achieve environmental excellence and create value for society, knowing that value is not only the results we achieve, but how we achieve those results.

We monitor and strive to act to minimize our operations’ impact on the environment, including energy audits at each location. We methodically and systematically act in ways which we believe will leave the world better than it was.



Thinking green in innovation

SRG Global has two key innovation pillars to address global megatrends specifically focused on sustainability: Vehicle Efficiency and Environmental Health and Safety. One example of Vehicle Efficiency is Integrille™, an innovative active grille technology which helps to improve vehicle fuel efficiency and reduce weight.



Environmental, Health & Safety


WaterOur most precious resource


SRG Global strives to be more efficient in its use, treatment, and reuse of water. Our target is to reduce water consumption in our facilities by 25% from 2015 to 2016.

All of our waste water treatment facilities have been or are in the process of being upgraded to allow for batch discharge; thereby improving treatment efficiency.

As an example, our Farmington, Missouri treatment facility is one of three state-of-the-art wastewater facilities we have built since 2010. The process improvements are allowing for reduced overall wastewater effluent concentrations.


RecyclingDoing more with less


SRG Global’s focus on recycling and improving processes has resulted in nine of our facilities achieving more than 80% landfill avoidance, with our Liria, Spain facility achieving a 99.8% recycling rate.

Our Irapuato, Mexico team recycled building materials from its expansion to build a canteen for a local school we partner with. The Ripley, Tennessee team, through the introduction of a new process, reduced a hazardous waste stream by 6,000 gallons every quarter by recycling nitric acid back into the manufacturing process.


HealthEncouraging the SRG Global™ family towards a positive lifestyle

The Road to Green

HealthGuard is the worldwide Guardian program to improve the overall health of our employees and their immediate families. This progressive program is part of our healthcare strategy and proactively watches over the well-being of our team with global audits and facility-specific health fairs and initiatives.




The SRG Global™ team is committed to workplace safety so that employees leave in the condition in which they came, maintaining a safety record among the best in the electroplating and coating industries. Our facilities’ recordable average rates are in the top quartile for these two areas of manufacturing.

To achieve these high standards, SRG Global teams:

  • have a goal of reducing recordable cases by 25% as compared to 2015
  • address compliance with the Global Harmonized System program, improving hazard communication and reducing chemical risks by implementing and using the latest tools and technology available



Social Responsibility


We are in process of developing a global Social Responsibility program to track our activities and hold us accountable for our progress. Visit our dedicated Social Responsibility page to learn more!


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