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Keeping the Shiny Side Up

From sleek, roadworthy fairings for your Harley to robust grilles for 18-wheelers, SRG Global’s custom molding processes and advanced coatings add brand distinction and value to the industry’s most compact cruisers and largest workhorses. We produce your parts to look good and perform even harder — parts engineered for greater surface durability, structural integrity and enhanced functionality.

Like your most nimble lane splitters, SRG is agile enough to respond to our customers’ evolving needs. We also have the technological breadth and global reach to deliver a payload of process efficiencies and economies of scale.


SRG is one of the largest manufacturers of chrome plated plastic parts in the world and a leader in innovative chrome finishes. In response to the industry’s demands for more cost-efficient parts and higher fuel efficiency, we are continually developing rugged, lightweight alternatives for metal components. We’re also developing custom grille enhancements to help the commercial trucking industry meet stricter emissions regulations.

Extensive manufacturing capabilities and engineering expertise allow SRG to mold, paint and chrome plate parts and assemble systems in every imaginable shape, size and configuration.


  • Fairings
  • Instrument Bezels
  • Fender Tips
  • Breast Plates

Commercial Truck

  • Grilles
  • Headlamp Bezels
  • Side-View Mirror Housings
  • Sun Visor Appliqués
  • Hood Vents
  • Fascia/Bumper Inserts
  • Wheel Caps
  • Nameplates