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Generating Solutions for
Green Initiatives

Our ascent into the renewable energy industry was a natural progression. After all, creating highly efficient solutions for manufacturing challenges is at the core of SRG Global’s culture. Nowhere has this become more evident than in the photovoltaic solar sector.

The technology was already in place large-scale injection molding and assembly capabilities, the know-how in house … decades of experience developing automotive window surrounds and roof rack systems, and the resources on board … a team of engineers dedicated to cultivating this blossoming industry.

We soon had a solution: Thermoplastic solar panel frames custom molded to replace complex aluminum assemblies used in commercial rooftop arrays and other photovoltaic installations. We knew how to create parts that could withstand the rigors of prolonged exposure to climatic extremes. We also understood the dynamics behind the structure needed to support the weight of the panels. The result: Better manufacturing efficiencies and easier installation, at less cost.


Less Time, Less Cost – Maximum Efficiency

Sophisticated robotics integrate the panels and frames into complete solar modules. This delivers many advantages over rooftop assembly, including reduced man-hours on the jobsite and diminished safety concerns over elevated working conditions. It also eliminates issues with rooftop weight limitations for multiple workers. Custom features molded into the frames accommodate different customer needs and further increase installation efficiencies.

While we continue to refine our technology in support of our current “green” customers, SRG is exploring new opportunities to share our expertise with other renewable energy initiatives. Around the globe, our steadfast resources are ripe for the challenge.