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Your Jewel Box for
Brand Distinction

From bezels in a rainbow of chrome finishes and custom profiles to brighten up your act, or keep their eyes on the prize. To nameplates and control panels that look as high-tech as the electronics behind them. Whether you’re trying to attract design-conscious homeowners or slots‑loving players, we’re on top of our game.

At SRG Global, we’re not just making parts. We’re helping you capture minds and win hearts.

White Goods with Red-Hot Appeal

In the household appliance marketplace, brand image and reputation is paramount. Savvy OEMs know the subtle nuances that bring upscale distinction to their brand can also boost the bottom line. That’s why we've dedicated resources to the unique needs of this industry.

SRG Global offers a variety of chrome finishes designed to match or complement your latest color trends. Innovations include chrome finishes engineered to withstand exposure to caustic substances like bleach and detergents, and our patented G-CoatTM colored chrome with a fingerprint-free finish. We also offer brushed chrome finishes for that "high-end stainless steel look" desired by so many consumers.


Knowing you can’t get by on looks alone, we're constantly refining our products for greater design flexibility, surface durability and enhanced functionality. As one of the largest manufacturers of chrome plated plastic parts in the world, we have the technological breadth and global reach to deliver process efficiencies to every major appliance market.

We custom mold, paint and chrome plate appliance parts in every size and shape, from washer and dryer window bezels with integrated handles, to intricate nameplates, rings, knobs and decorative trim.

Slot Machines with Million-Dollar Looks

The flashing lights, the crescendo of sounds — it’s all part of the excitement reflected in our highbrow bezels and gleaming trim.

Upgrading your gaming assets while lowering costs is a "win-win" with our custom mold-in-color plastic parts and advanced chrome finishes. Parts valued for their impeccable fit, durable finishes and high-end looks.

Manufacturing operations in North America, Europe and Asia put SRG Global in prime position to maximize process efficiencies and economies of scale, no matter where the games begin.