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Guinness World Record Challenge


The Guinness World Record Challenge: More than 1000 people snapping their fingers at the same time while following the melody of a song.

LIRIA, Spain, Nov. 10 – SRG Global held a "Family Day" at our plant in Liria, Spain (near Valencia) for employees and their families. The city of Liria is mainly known in Spain for being “the city of the music." Music was one of the main attractions of the event, from the very beginning with robots dancing during the plant tour, until the very end with more than 1000 people snapping their fingers trying to follow the rhythm of the music.




More than 1800 people attended the event, and some highlights were:  Paella (the famous Valencian rice dish) was served, plant tours were given, and many activities for children were enjoyed by everyone.

The main event of the day was the attempt to beat the Guinness World Record. More than 1000 people had to take part in the attempt, and all of them had to follow the rhythm of the Radetzky March while snapping their fingers.

A Guinness World Record adjudicator came from London to supervise all the steps of the challenge, and more than 30 external supervisors were brought in specially for the event.  A musical conductor did his best to keep everyone synchronized, 1221 people started to snap their fingers, and a Guinness World Record was achieved!!

This activity has shown us that any challenge is possible with everyone working together, dedicated as a team!

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