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We seek change-makers – the people who don’t shy away from taking action. We empower them to make the greatest contribution possible, nuturing them by developing their skills.

The strength of our culture comes from our people partnering with each other. We provide opportunities for their growth and mobility, focused on integrity, respect, knowledge and talent. We deliver the necessary tools and skill-building experiences for their success.



Work with the best talent


  • We have a robust approach to hiring that uses multiple processes to find the best talent globally.
  • One key component of our talent search is an intensive workshop where selected college candidates from multiple disciplines interact with each other and company leaders, allowing employees and candidates to share and invest in mutual growth.



Explore diverse experiences


  • Our global rotational program (24 members strong) gives real world experience in operations management and different cultures through a rotation of jobs in various roles across our locations worldwide.
  • Many of our SRG Global locations have implemented local versions of this approach, with team members involved in cross-functional projects, capability training in Six Sigma and lean manufacturing, and leadership training (typically partnering with a local college or university).
  • Our European team has internship and two-year rotational program paths tailored for technical, management, or international mobility.



Develop your career path

  • We have opportunities around the world, with 20 team members on global assignments to share knowledge around the globe.
  • We strive to fill 80% of our leadership positions internally. In all we do, we look to create opportunities for professional and personal growth and unique career paths.
  • We offer a global Six Sigma program led by an Executive Master Black Belt. Team members in China are developed through an inclusive coaching effort that incorporates feedback and next steps from colleagues at all levels.



Overall health of employees: a vital priority


Our Health Guard program equips employees and their immediate families to proactively manage their health, connecting employees to userful apps and resources. Cross-functional teams at each SRG Global location plan activities and campaigns each year to improve the overall health of their co-workers, families, and community. These include facility-specific health fairs and two eight-week initiatives on health concerns. In one instance, our Portageville, Missouri team joined with Wesleyan University sports medicine students to improve individual exercise and health plans for employees.



Sustain your community

Community involvement is important in the life of SRG Global and its employees. We are committed to being a good corporate citizen. The passions of our employees drive our outreach activities as we help our neighbors and develop tomorrow’s leaders. If you are ready to make your mark, we want to hear from you!





Learn about employees making their mark early:


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