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Simon Xu

Simon Xu

“I look first to my team, then to my experience, and we achieve success together.”


— Simon Xu, making his mark early as a Unracking and Assembly Engineer in Xiaogan, China


When I was a young boy, I fell in love with the film “Shawshank Redemption”. The story in it taught me that the road to success was achieved through unparalleled wisdom and tenacity. I first took this concept to the court when I started playing basketball. Knowing that I wasn’t the strongest or the fastest athlete, I worked to become the smartest and most persistent. By the end of my first season, my teammates knew me best for my dedication and hustle.

As I grew older, I attacked work with the same attitude. My first job out of college was a plating supervisor for automotive and household products. Eager to advance into management, I never put off tomorrow what I could do today, working as many hours as I could. The job was very strenuous because my co-workers and I were focused on ourselves, working without a common goal.

Starting a family changed my perspective and I found myself seeking more balance. I wanted to work smarter not harder. I rediscovered my love of film. Watching “Shawshank Redemption” again led to the additional realization that a shared vision, the support of a team and applying the wisdom of others is just as important to achieving success as good judgement and persistence. I started looking for other companies who shared a similar outlook and discovered SRG Global.

Now, I am on a mission to make sure everyone on my team is heard and fulfilled. I frequently ask for their opinion and offer my support rather than giving directives. Together, we were able to find a better cleaning method to improve product quality. I also have co-developed a training program for shop floor employees to make sure we’re learning from each other and individuals are recognized for their unique contributions. When a challenge is placed before us, I look first to my team, then to my experience, and we achieve success together. It’s only through their success that I now measure mine.

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