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Johanna Kinsler

Johanna Kinsler


Making her mark early

See how Johanna is making her mark early as an Innovation Engineer at our World Headquarters in Troy, MI, USA.


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“SRG Global is another enriching, supportive space in my life where science is fun.”


— Johanna Kinsler, making her mark early as an Innovation Engineer, Troy, Michigan, USA


Truthfully, I never wanted to work in automotive. My family was in the industry, but what I strived to emulate was the way they valued community and charity. Traveling in India with a friend, I came across a village with people devastated by a recent storm. We started working to meet their needs, supporting relief efforts by educating the children and founding a nonprofit to support them after we left. Returning from that trip, I was eager to use my expertise to continue improving the lives of others.

Intrigued by the possibility of autonomous vehicles creating more free time and mobility, I interviewed at SRG Global. Immediately, I could tell this was a different culture than what I expected in automotive. I met scientific, collaborative people who always had the end user in mind. They reminded me of my housemates -- we work through problems on our dining room whiteboard long after the food is gone. I saw a great day-to-day environment fostering both personal development and solutions for society.

SRG Global is another enriching, supportive space in my life where science is fun. Our team always pitches new ideas and shares knowledge to help each other. Managers aren’t demanding answers; they’re asking questions, guiding you to learn the most and make the greatest impact. As I explore new ways to add functionality to our products, I’m confident taking on any challenge knowing the team has my back. None of us are experts on everything, but together we have a strong base of knowledge to develop solutions that make lives easier.

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