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We're developing our people, the heart of SRG Global®, into the next generation of leaders. Their passions and values built the foundation upon which we continue to grow. They drive us to take action beyond what is expected and create value for customers, stakeholders, and society.

We embrace individual initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship and strive to deliver smart solutions to our customers and consumers. We have strong roots and a clear vision for the future. Join us, find your place at SRG Global. Because in all we do, we go Beyond the finish™.


Learn about employees who are making their mark early:

  Zbigniew Szrejber  Zbigniew Szrejber
  Johanna Kinsler  Johanna Kinsler
  Peter Westrick  Peter Westrick
  James DeLaHoussaye  James DeLaHoussaye
  John Krizan  John Krizan
  Simon Xu  Simon Xu
  Verónica Torcal  Verónica Torcal
  Derek McFall  Derek McFall





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